Over 25000 Hosted Websites

Kebirhost Internet Services has been trying to serve thousands of websites since it started hosting location provider services. As of today, it aims to provide real "hosting" service with its structure hosting more than 25000 websites.

Quality Before Numbers

We know that not only the number of sites hosted, but also their quality is very important. For this reason, it is a fact that we can easily say that the presence of very large sites in every category in our body makes us happy. Our aim; is not primarily to increase the number of sites we host, but to keep the quality of service we provide to our existing sites in the standards and quality we want and to move them up if possible.

Optimum Hosting Service

The most important service should be continuity in a hosting service. While we try to provide this to our customers, we aim to maintain several variables together in a balanced way. The purpose of our service, where suitable sites are available on powerful servers, is to open the sites as smoothly as possible and to maintain their continuity. Uploading a large number of busy sites to an existing server will increase profitability and negatively affect continuity. Our goal is to achieve this balance in the best way.

Powerful and Quality Servers

Our company has more than 200 servers. Each of our servers is designed to meet today's requirements and is constantly being renewed in order to adapt to future-oriented technologies. Detailed information You can also reach it from here .


Our sole purpose in service; to help our customers succeed. Therefore, great importance is given to variables such as server quality, network speed, server capacities and density. All our work and effort is to ensure that the websites hosted within us can be opened quickly, continuously and smoothly. The way to provide the necessary infrastructure for this is "Why Kebirhost?".

Efficient and Effective Technical Support

Trust and Sincerity

As Kebirhost, our only goal is to support our customers; focusing on solving the problem in the shortest and effortless way and taking the necessary measures to prevent our customers from experiencing similar problems again. For this purpose, our company is always open to feedback, criticism and innovations.

Courtesy and Honesty

Even if all of our friends working in our company are right, they try to express the problem they experienced to our customers in the most moderate way. The most important demand for us is the demand that we are interested in at that moment and its resolution is required with high priority. We operate on every subject within our knowledge without any charge from our customers. We can only do what we can promise and always try to be honest with our customers. We think that their success is our success.

Solution Focused, Effective Support

Our only aim is to respond to our customers' problems as soon as possible and even to solve the problem without leaving the next communication. It is a serious failure for us to overcome the problem and make meaningless and insufficient feedback to our customer. In this context, we work with a team of experts and we support our customers with an understanding that sees the problem of our customers as their own problem.

Service Oriented Prices and Payment Methods

Affordable Prices

Economic price for us; Our service is to provide the most affordable price with the best quality. Suitability is to exceed the standards offered by the market. Since 2004, we have been trying to keep our prices stable and provide a service for everyone with our monthly payment options. Our aim is to give the full amount of the fee.

Customer Oriented Real Price

The real profit for us is our customer. Any satisfaction that comes from it is superior to the material possibilities we gain. For this reason, our company is looking for opportunities to offer more affordable prices and opportunities to our customers who have worked with us for many years. Our earnings are meaningful as long as we deserve their return.

Expertise Before Product Range


We think that doing what we know best will benefit our customers the most. Therefore, we attach great importance to expertise and experience. We never offer a product to which we do not have the necessary knowledge.

Price / Performance Ratio

Our aim; Our aim is to specialize in the range of products and to offer these products to our customers in the most advantageous way. As Kebirhost, we continue to be advantageous in infrastructure, hosting and domain name services.

Mission and Vision Target

Unchanged Goals

Some of our company's unchanging goals are actually the columns of our system. These values make our service meaningful and characteristic. Our goals that do not change in the formation of a service unique to us are;

  • To be honest
  • To be trusted
  • To be sincere
  • Providing quality and sustainable service
  • Imagine
  • Being innovative
  • Having a share in a clean and useful internet environment

An Unlimited Viewpoint

It is our greatest goal and effort to be a structure that is rooted in the principle of infinity and eternity (greatness), which belongs to the meaning of the word "kebir", and based on this in our services.


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