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In 2004, when the internet sector continued to develop rapidly, a company named "kebirhost" was established and started to serve with a passionate initiative to meet the needs that the current structure cannot meet. We experienced a rapid development process and started to meet all hosting needs of our customers in a very short time. Our experience has increased with the trust and patience of our customers and we have increased the quality of our services day by day. We have established a sincere communication with all our customers and have achieved great success in this direction. We have never left honesty and sincerity. We tried to be realistic and customer oriented in all the services we offer. Because to consider the interests of our customers in the real sense was the most determining factor of our quality bar.

Over the years, we increased our server and website numbers and started to serve thousands of sites. We pay the same attention to every small or large site. Our goal is to help everyone take their place in the internet environment and to make the world's internet clean and strong. In this context, we support our customers in every subject within our knowledge and we do not charge any fee. Although this is a time consuming and difficult application, it has provided the stability of our company. Although we are competent and sincere about our friends working in our structure, it depends on the kebirhost mission.

Our main goal is to provide the best service to all our customers and to provide the full value for the money we receive from them. Although we always improve the technical infrastructure of the services we offer, we see being honest, sincere and thinking about our customers as unchanging values.

Kebirhost Internet Services LTD.


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